Metal windows and doors: a buyer’s guide

Metal windows and doors offer a huge range of opportunities for updating the style of your property. From the classic Crittall style populalised in the 1930s to bolder, industrial design often used in terraced home extensions, this type of glazing is right on trend.

Highly sought after, metal windows and doors can either replace original designs, or be used to smarted up a property that had plastic or old timber windows.

Are you fitting metal windows as part of a renovation project? Find our how to renovate a house in our expert guide. Or, if you are extending, find out how to extend a house.


Metal-framed glazing is an elegant option that suits properties of different styles and will look great for years to come. Both metal-framed doors and windows can complement homes with brick exteriors as well as modern grey or white rendered walls.

If your house currently has dated uPVC doors and windows, metal can be a much slimmer and more attractive alternative. Fitting metal in place of wood, on the other hand, can allow you to avoid the maintenance requirements of timber.

Panel style metal-framed doors won’t offer the uninterrupted views that bi-fold or sliding doors do. However, they will frame views to the exterior in an appealing way. The metal framing isn’t bulky, so they’ll still let in plenty of light and each panel can reveal a new perspective. You might also like the idea of the doors themselves being a feature rather than a barely-there barrier, and they can complement other materials used in an interior scheme.

And the style’s not just appropriate for doors: panelled metal windows can bring an industrial edge to your home, or create period style, depending on the dimensions of each of the glazed elements.

Different glazing panel styles are available when you’re buying – they could be either horizontal or vertical rectangles with different dimensions on offer, or square in appearance

Metal doors and windows don’t have to have the multiple glazing bar style, though. Consider more contemporary offerings that team expansive panes of glass with super-slim metal framing that maximises light and views.


There’s an enormous choice of frame colours for metal windows, ranging from classic black, through greys to standout shades such as orange, red or green. Your supplier might also be able to colour match them – for example to a favourite paint shade.


Crittall’s doors and windows – the designs that probably spring to mind when you’re thinking industrial-style glazing – are renowned and are made from steel. If you’re lucky enough to have a period property with original Crittall Windows, you can replicate the historic designs. Steel doors and windows can look just as good when they aren’t original to the property, though.

Steel designs from other manufacturers are also available – for windows and doors and even roof lights.

Metal doors and windows can also be manufactured using aluminium. This metal is strong and light, and will create frames without bulk. As well as designs that maximise light including both bi-fold and sliding doors, there are also versions that have the typical steel frame style, if that’s the look you prefer.

Look out also for composite doors and windows. These low maintenance designs use metal on the outside and wood on the inside for a warmer effect internally, energy efficiency and durability.

Metal windows do require some maintenance; find out how to repair and maintain metal window and door frames.


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