Open the Door to New Possibilities with Custom Replacement Entry Doors

When people see your home for the first time, there are a few features that stand out immediately. More often than not, the facade of your home is appraised based on interesting architectural elements, the windows, garage doors, and, most importantly, the entry door.

The entry door is a key focal point because, well, it’s the point of entry for a home. It is the exterior design feature that is most inviting, which is why it draws the eye. Finding the right front door for your home can boost your home’s curb appeal. Beyond the aesthetic of an entry door, it needs to be durable and secure.

Finding the perfect match for your home

With so many options for entry doors out there, you must be wondering: Which entry door is right for me and my home? Although there are many to choose from, two of the most popular options for homeowners are steel doors and fiberglass doors.

These entry doors are popular because they check off many boxes for homeowners. Steel and fiberglass doors look great, are made from quality materials, and are durable, customizable, secure, and affordable. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the key differentiating features of these doors.

Steel doors

Steel doors are the top choice when it comes to entry doors because they are versatile, cost-effective and durable. They have a smooth finish and can give your home a modern or traditional look depending on the style you select. For some, steel doors initially appear somewhat plain, but this can be remedied by selecting a design that includes more interesting features like glass panes (more on that later). Steel is also a popular material because it helps keep the cost of a new entry door as low as possible; and as you may have guessed by now, steel doors are very durable, making them an ideal option for homeowners who want a secure door.

Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass door popularity is on the rise in Ontario for many reasons. These doors have the alluring natural look of wooden doors, but they don’t come with the same high price tag. They also do not require regular maintenance like natural wood doors, and they do not warp or bend like natural wood does. The price is usually somewhat higher than that of steel doors, which can be a determining factor for many. Furthermore, fiberglass doors aren’t as strong as steel doors, but they still offer an adequate level of security.

Make It Yours With Custom Options

Just like other features of a home, many homeowners want the option to personalize their entry door, and a new door presents a great opportunity to introduce a design element that is unique. Luckily, there are many customizable options available to homeowners who want to add intriguing and distinct features to their entry door.

Glass – Glass panels are becoming an increasingly popular addition to steel and fiberglass doors. Glass can enhance the look of a door while letting more natural light into your home. Whether as part of the door design or in the form of transoms or sidelites, glass is one of the most favoured methods of customizing front doors.

Colours – Steel and fiberglass doors can come in many colours, including bold and striking hues that get plenty of attention. These doors give homeowners the option to have a traditional-looking door or one that breaks from tradition and makes their homes stand out.

Size – Tired of entry doors that are the same size as the rest? Larger entry doors are not only an attractive statement piece but are also practical too. Moving furniture or appliances in and out of a home requires some extra space, which is why many Toronto homeowners opt for wider doors.

Door Handles and Locks – Hardware is sometimes overlooked when it comes to an entry door, but it plays a major role in the overall aesthetic and security of a door. Door handles come in a variety of elegant and attractive styles, and when it comes to locks, a multi-point lock system will give you a high level of security. With this lock, you just must shut the door for the latch bolts to go into place. Once closed, the latch bolts can’t be forced back; and when you turn the key to lock the door, this engages the 3-deadbolt locking system.

Whether you install a new steel or fiberglass door, you will improve your home for the better. When you are ready to install that new front door, make sure you get in touch with a reliable entry door company. ALMA Windows & Doors is a local company that manufactures premium steel and fiberglass entry doors in Vaughan. The company works closely with clients to bring their desired look and style to life. With ALMA’s help, homeowners can improve the curb appeal of their home, get an entry door that is more durable, and increase the security of their home.

Alma Windows and Doors is a proud Canadian manufacturer of entry doors. With a variety of exterior door styles for you to choose from, whether you are looking for entry doors, patio doors, fiberglass doors, or steel entry doors – they’ve got you covered.


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