Repair windows and doors rather than replace them for a low-cost fix

The expert craftspeople at Southfield Windows & Doors in Elmira offers an inexpensive alternative to replacing entire windows or doors when only the glass needs replacing.

For over 25 years, Southfield has been installing custom-made and locally manufactured windows and doors. Because they make almost everything they install, they can easily repair or replace the glass in any window or door in your home.

If you are experiencing fog between your windows or feel drafts coming from your windows or doors, you are wasting money on your energy bill. The professionals at Southfield Windows & Doors can help you save money by coming to your home to correct these issues.

Instead of replacing all your windows or doors, they can save you money by providing replacement glass, and they will make sure it is properly insulated, sealed, and functioning properly, while also looking great.

Regardless of what type of door you have, whether it is a single entry door that has a central glass or panel design, or double or garden doors that have frosted glass for privacy, the expert craftspeople can create the perfect glass replacement.

Replacement glass is especially convenient when you have transom panels or sidelights around your doors, because the decorative glass tends to come in unique designs or shapes. However, the Southfield experts can easily craft replacement glass to match any existing window panel.

For optimal energy efficiency, the glass type that is most used today is thermal insulated glass, and Southfield has a range of options to match the glass in any door or window frame in your home. Options include double-glazed glass with a spacer, which provides more energy efficiency, and triple-glazed glass, which means three panes of glass are used for each window to enhance energy efficiency and provide noise reduction.

If you are planning to sell your home, having energy-efficient and high-functioning windows and doors will add value while also providing beautiful curb appeal.

If you need replacement glass services, call the experts at Southfield Windows & Doors today at 519-669-3872 for a free in-home quote! You can also visit them at 75 South Field Drive in Elmira.


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