Window restoration now under way at St John’s

The restoration of stained-glass windows of St John’s Anglican Church is now well under way, with the removal of two windows on the northern facade last week and the transfer of the glass to the Sydney workshop of Hamilton Design Glass.

The window spaces in the church have been temporarily boarded-up until restoration of the windows is completed.

The principal of Hamilton Design Glass, Jeff Hamilton, said last week that he expected the task would be completed by April.

As per the quotation provided to St John’s Parish Council, the windows will be stripped down and completely rebuilt, replacing any minor broken glass, matching colour and texture as closely as possible, but leading together any breaks in the painted material, as appropriate; de-rust, prime and paint all steel reinforcing rods, and replace all copper tie wires with new material.

The restored windows will then be replaced onsite, with cleaning and re-installation of over glazing, replacement of all joiners to over glazing with new items and rehanging of wire guards.

While the windows are out a local tradesman will replace, or repair where required, any timber surrounding the window spaces.

This work is stage one of the windows’ restoration project.

The next stage of the project will be to restore the eastern ‘Ascension,’ window, which has three stained-glass panels, and is likely to be more difficult and more expensive than the current work.

The members of St John’s Parish Council are hoping for support from local and former parishioners, and interested members of the local community, in the task of raising sufficient funds to complete the total project.


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